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    News - Dream Mu
    Grand opening tomorrow
    Posted on on July 31, 2020 | 19:34


    as I said, tomorrow at 15:00 CEST is scheduled Grand opening of this server. You can register now. Items, events and some maps will be opened continually so do not be surprised if pentagrams or muun items do ot drop. I hope the most of you will like these settings.

    Settings of the server are following:

    Exp: Dynamic according to drop 500x/400x/300x/150x

    Drop: 70%

    Max level: 400

    Max reset: 333

    Reset level: 300/310/320/.../400 (according to reset)

    Keep stats: NO

    Reset points: 500/400/300 (according to reset)

    Max stats: 65000

    MG: 220lvl, DL: 250lvl, summ/RF: 1lvl

    For more info visit our helper site

    We are looking forward to see you in game.


    By Explosion (Administrator)