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    News - Dream Mu
    Grand opening tomorrow
    Posted on July 31, 2020 | 19:34


    as I said, tomorrow at 15:00 CEST is scheduled Grand opening of this server. You can register now. Items, events and some maps will be opened continually so do not be surprised if pentagrams or muun items do ot drop. I hope the most of you will like these settings.

    Settings of the server are following:

    Exp: Dynamic according to drop 500x/400x/300x/150x

    Drop: 70%

    Max level: 400

    Max reset: 333

    Reset level: 300/310/320/.../400 (according to reset)

    Keep stats: NO

    Reset points: 500/400/300 (according to reset)

    Max stats: 65000

    MG: 220lvl, DL: 250lvl, summ/RF: 1lvl

    For more info visit our helper site

    We are looking forward to see you in game.


    By Explosion (Administrator)
    Grand opening info
    Posted on July 21, 2020 | 11:01

    Four months ago, we announced the reopening of our server. We have been working very hard with our admin team as well as a large number of beta testers so you guys can enjoy the gameplay without any game breaking bugs or balancing issues. You can look forward to numerous unique features, such as expanded golden invasion (golden Erohim, Kundun), Mining system or Kill event. We can also offer various web features, for example jewel bank and market system, which allows people from both servers to trade with each other. Another feature worth mentioning are weekly quests/events. Every week, you will have to kill a certain amount of monsters. If you make it in time, you get a reward. This is to ensure people do not spend all the time in game camping and rushing resets.

    Beta test will be open until July 27th so if you feel like checking out the game, now is the time. There are three test accounts, Test100, Test 200 and Test333 with password to all of them being “test”. Each of these accounts has a character with certain number of resets.

    Grand opening is currently scheduled for August 1st 15:00 CEST. Should there be any technical difficulties which would delay the launch, we will let you know. For those participating in beta test, there is no need to download a new client although make sure to update it before accessing the game. We encourage people to use our launcher to keep the game up to date all the time. Account registration is set to open on July 31st .

    One thing you may not be familiar with from other servers is that content will release in phases. This includes pentagrams, events, weapons and item sets. Season sets are also planned, which will only be obtainable during certain time period, for example Halloween set on Halloween, or sets obtainable from GM events. Finally, I would like to invite you all to our discord channel, which will be used as a primary way of communication between players and admin team, as well as a source of information. Discord is divided into two sections, CZ/SK and international. When you first join, make sure to react with the correct emote. This way, you won’t be receiving notifications from channels not related to your server.

    Discord link:

    Server settings:

    We will be using dynamic experience which means the amount of experience you get depends on your number of resets.

    500x  - 0 - 50 res

    400x - 50 - 130 res

    300x - 130 - 230 res

    150x - 230 - 333 res

    Max level: 400

    Max reset: 333

    Reset level: 300/310/320/.../400

    Reset points: 500/400/300/100

    Max stats: 65000

    Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who participated in testing. Without you, all of this would take considerably longer. We are looking forward to seeing you during grand opening. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us on discord/Facebook or via email.

    By Explosion (Administrator)